Open 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday

Overnight care is available at our Congress Street campus Monday through Friday. 

Overnight and weekend care is available 7 days a week at the Warren Avenue campus.

      2255 Congress Street
      Portland ME 04102

      739 Warren Avenue
      Portland ME 04103

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(207) 780-0271
2255 Congress Street
Portland, Maine 04102
739 Warren Avenue
Portland, ME 04103

fax: 207-780-0272
email: petvet@prtlvet.com

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Please visit PVS at the Dempsey Challenge in Lewiston
on Saturday or Sunday, October 17 & 18.

We have been invited to have a booth at this amazing event for the third year in a row, representing the veterinary community to raise awareness of canine and feline cancer.  We are excited to share the advances applied in the field of veterinary oncology and convey our commitment to our clients and patients as we treat, support, and educate.  PVS has a large team participating in the event this year, walking, running, and cycling to raise money for the Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope & Healing.
If you would like to donate to the PVS team, please visit the website,
click on the “donate now” button, and choose team: Canine Cancer Crusaders.

Please see “What’s New” for more information.

What's New?

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Portland Vet Specialists

• We are a multi-discipline specialty hospital located in Portland, Maine.
• With an emphasis on quality and service, we are committed to providing the most sophisticated veterinary care possible.
• Our board certified specialists work together to provide compassionate and effective therapies for the most challenging conditions.

We have a "sister" facility, Bath Brunswick Veterinary Associates, located in Brunswick, Maine.  BBVA is a full service hospital for small animals. Services include preventative care, grooming, daycare, kennel and pet store.

We Support Your Family Vet

Our board certified specialists receive referrals from veterinary offices and work in partnership with your family veterinarian to provide advanced diagnostics, sophisticated techniques and treatment of complex diseases and injuries.

When your family veterinarian refers you to PVS, it is because they know that we will work hand-in-hand with them to ensure the best help for your pet. They will provide us with supportive documentation of your pet's condition for the initial appointment. We will continue to work with you and your pet throughout the duration of the illness for which you sought our attention. Because our hospital is designed to be an extension of services provided by your family veterinarian, we ask that you maintain a relationship with your family veterinarian for your pet's primary care.


We will provide a good-faith estimate of the cost of our services before treating your pet. A deposit toward the cost of services is required in most cases and a deposit of 50% is required for surgeries. Payment in full is needed upon discharge of your pet. We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and CareCredit. CareCredit is a flexible payment program, specifically designed for healthcare expenses, that makes it easier for you to get the treatment or procedures that your pet needs. If you plan to use CareCredit to finance your bill, you may apply at our front desk, or click for more info. For radioactive iodine therapy for hyperthyroid cats, please refer to 'general information' under the library section for costs and payment requirements.