Portland Veterinary Specialists Continuing Education Series

Next Dinner Meeting:
Monday May 13, 2019

At the Holiday Inn by the Bay in Portland, Maine

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Dinner Seminar:  6:00pm to 7:00pm

Reticulocytes Count: Why They Are More Important Than Just Classifying Anemia

Presenter:  Dennis DeNicola, DVM PhD DACVP

The absolute reticulocyte count measures bone marrow response to demand for red blood cells. The quality of the reticulocyte provides insight into relatively common diseases with or without anemia. Case material will be used as a foundation for discussion on why reticulocyte count.

Learning objectives:
• Ways reticulocyte count is estimated
• Why reticulocyte count is critical
• Why reticulocyte count when there is no anemia
• How to use reticulocyte indices

Veterinary Seminars: 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Healing From the Inside Out: 

What You Need To Know About Healing by Second Intention

Presenter:  Danielle Babski, DVM, DACVECC

This lecture will provide a review of wound healing, concentrating on healing by second intention. 
Initial wound management, therapies, and dressings will be discussed. 

Cancer Bytes

Presenter:  Jeffrey Philibert, DVM, DACVIM (O)

This lecture will cover updates in the companion animal cancer field.


The following seminar is appropriate and important for the entire veterinary staff.

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Workplace Violence: Surviving the Life or Death Gap -- Establishing a Solid Foundation and Understanding

Presented by Blue-U Defense, Presenters: Terry Choate and Joe Hileman

Brief Description of Lecture:

In the words of Blue-U Defense:
For training to be truly effective it must start with establishing a solid foundation, or basis, for its need. Its success or failure is highly dependent upon its ability to get people’s attention and instill a very strong level of desire to crave more. Success in establishing a solid foundation must begin with bringing a high level of understanding of the problem, or challenges, that its solutions are meant to resolve. Surviving The Life or Death Gap starts with building the necessary foundation and establishing a very high level of understanding of what we face during a sudden unplanned incident of violence and how our natural reactions as human beings impacts our ability to be able to respond. It solidly establishes the need to think differently about ourselves and what is truly necessary to survive, win, and go home. Based on feedback from thousands of people and hundreds of organizations, not other training can even come close to the effectiveness of this course: “The best training in any topic”; “life-changing and life-saving! Everyone needs this”; “the most engaging training course I’ve ever experienced”.

This course also provides a solid understanding of the basic remedies, both mental and physical aspects, to the challenges that we will undoubtedly face if we ever find ourselves a victim of a sudden, unplanned incident of violence. Attendees walk away from this course with not only a strong desire to learn more, but to immediately begin to utilize the remedies presented. This lecture will discuss many real-life examples including a scenario in the training that will apply specifically to a veterinary office.

In the words of the PVS Managers:
Last fall fellow PVS managers Kristine Suszczynski and Perian Haslam attended an early morning briefing about workplace violence. While we often hear about this topic, we were both profoundly changed after attending this engaging presentation. It was a complete paradigm shift! We learned so much about how differently we need to think and act in order to deal with the potential for violence in our work place.

Blue-U Defense is a training and behavior awareness company. They have worked with nursing homes, hospitals, manufacturing plants, and school districts, to name a few. Because they value life, Blue-U Defense empowers your passion to survive by inspiring you to be aware and prepared for today’s threats of sudden, extreme violence. They accomplish this by providing practical, effective, and engaging learning platforms to fuel your sense of security. The presenters, Terry Choate, Jr. and Joe Hileman, have backgrounds in law enforcement, SWAT, corporate security, drug enforcement, and more. They present very precise, logical, yet astoundingly perspective-changing training. Using real life examples, the presenters look into how the mind of both the perpetrator and victim work in sudden violent situations. You will learn practical and effective prevention techniques, how to limit vulnerability, and how to keep people safe.

Their presentation kept us riveted for two hours, and opened our eyes to so many more possibilities to protect ourselves, our staff and our clients should a violent event ever happen. We both immediately wanted to host this must-see presentation for our veterinary community at our semi-annual continuing education event. This presentation is geared toward everyone in the veterinary practice, Client Service Representatives, Technicians, Kennel Assistants, Managers and Doctors. While we know this topic is very disconcerting and unsettling, we assure you that after you attend this training, you will feel less like a potential victim and more like you have options, should a violent event occur.

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