Discharge Instructions

Discharge instructions for owners of
radiotherapy-treated cats:

Upon discharge from PVS (average of 5-7 days after treatment), treated cats will still be excreting a small amount of radioiodine in their urine and feces. Even though the level of radioactivity is very low (much lower than the level at which human patients are discharged from the hospital), you must still exercise caution during this period. The remaining radioactivity will be gradually eliminated from the cat over the next 2-4 weeks.

   1. Treated cats must remain indoors (only) for 2 weeks after discharge.
   2. Pregnant women and children under eighteen should not have any direct contact with the cat or litter pan for 2 weeks.
   3. Prolonged close contact with your cat (<3-6 feet) must be avoided during this time. Visit and pet your cat briefly, but do not allow the cat to sit on your lap or sleep with you. The cat should be confined to an unoccupied room at night. Avoid contact with urine and saliva and do not allow the cat to sleep on your bedding.
   4. Foods containing fish products should continue to be withheld until the T4 is rechecked in 4-6 weeks post-treatment.
   5. Use disposable litter pan liners or plastic gloves to minimize handling of litter/waste.
   6. Wash hands after handling your cat, its food dishes and litter pan.
   7. There is no need to quarantine your cat from other pets in the household.
   8. If your cat must be seen by a veterinarian before the end of the 2-week quarantine, please alert us.

The radio pharmaceutical that your cat received is beneficial to it. For perspective, the amount of radiation you might receive from your cat would be roughly equivalent to that received when you fly cross-country round trip. While the amount of radiation remaining in your cat's body is extremely low, it is prudent to follow the above instructions exactly. If this is not possible, please consider boarding your cat with us during the quarantine period (additional fees apply).