Marta Agrodnia, DVM, DACVS

  • DVM, Diplomate American College of Veterinary Surgeons

  • DVM - University of Illinois - 1997

  • Internship at Angell Memorial Animal Hospital, Boston

  • Performed two years of emergency surgical and medical practice

  • prior to her surgical residency program at Michigan State University.

  • Board Certification- American College of Veterinary Surgeons.

April Guille, DVM, DACVS

April Guillecropd.jpg

DVM, Diplomate American College of Veterinary Surgeons

Dr. Guille is a board certified veterinary surgeon. She is originally from New Hampshire and has returned there to raise her family. Dr. Guille decided to become a veterinarian because it was the perfect blend between two of her very strong interests—medicine and animal welfare. Dr. Guille attended veterinary school at The Ohio State University. She continued her advanced training with a general internship in New Jersey, a surgical internship in Texas, and a three year surgical residency in Pennsylvania. Dr. Guille spends her day diagnosing and treating surgical illnesses. She loves being a surgeon because she can take an animal that is suffering from a problem, whether it is a cruciate tear, an abdominal tumor, or a fractured leg, and dramatically improve the animal’s quality of life through surgery. It is such a wonderful feeling to be able to do that for people’s pets. Dr. Guille lives with her husband and their two children. Her dog, Noelle, was adopted by Dr. Guille during her surgical internship and has kept her busy with her host of orthopedic issues. Three cats also grace the home with their presence. Dr. Guille loves spending time outdoors. She goes camping with her family and loves nothing better than to spend a day hiking in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. In the winter, cross country and downhill skiing are at the top of her list. Dr. Guille and her husband have also spent many years renovating their house that was originally built in the 1890s.

 Meghan Sullivan, DVM, DACVS


Dr. Meghan Sullivan is a board certified veterinary surgeon with 10 years of veterinary surgery experience. Dr. Sullivan completed her internship at Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston and her surgery internship at VREC in Norwalk, CT. She completed her surgical residency at the University of Illinois.

Dr. Sullivan specializes in minimally invasive surgery such as arthroscopy and laparoscopy. She uses stifle arthroscopy for diagnosing cruciate disease and meniscal tears, shoulder arthroscopy for diagnosing and treating OCD or biceps disease, and elbow arthroscopy for diagnosing and treating elbow dysplasia.

Dr. Sullivan’s main interests also include orthopedics such as TPLO, total hip surgery, and fracture repair. Dr. Sullivan earned certification in total hip replacement with Biomedtrix in 2017, and along with Dr. Agrodnia who completed her THR Biomedtrix training in 2012, will continue to provide total hip surgery in Maine.

Dr. Sullivan’s passion is helping brachycephalic dogs such as Frenchies, Boston’s, Bulldogs, Pugs, etc., to have a better quality of life with airway surgery. She also believes that large and giant breed dog owners should all be aware of the risk of GDV, and recommends that any giant breed dog have a prophylactic laparoscopic gastropexy performed at the same time as the spay or neuter to help prevent that fatal condition.

Dr. Sullivan, her husband Matt, two boys, dogs, and cat are excited to have moved to Maine to pursue their hobbies of skiing, boating, hiking, fishing, and exploring the outdoors.